Peri Peri radio net is a licensed service to assist visitors and local sailors with weather and passage information.


It is maintained by a dedicated and loyal group of sailing and radio enthusiasts.  Each volunteer provides his own equipment and gives up his time willingly without reward. However, equipment is expensive and can fail, costing many $’s to repair and fix.  We welcome donations from anyone who feels that we have given them some useful advice or weather information.  This small kitty is maintained to cover such costs.  Anyone who has donated to our service will have their picture displayed on this page (unless we are requested not to).







If you are used to using Paypal and have an account then you can simply click on the link above and make a payment to

If you are not a Paypal user then please email us at and we will give you our banking details.  Alternatively you can make cash donations to Roy at Durban harbour.